This tincture comes with free Mjölnir (Thor’s Hammer Pendant USA made). Containing both testosterone and DHEA, packed full of antioxidants, glutathione and the superoxides it is a powerhouse boost to the endocrine and immune system. The tincture form has less nutritive vitamins but has more of the androgens like testosterone. Our certified organic wildcrafted cracked cell wall pine pollen is hand harvested in remote, pollution free Nordic pine forests. This is a formula just for men, as it is a tincture, but we offer the pure cracked wall powder too. This is the most replenishing supplement fo the diminished sexual and vital energy from over-indulgence as well as aging. We consider this an essential superman and Viking superfood with complete nutrition to jumpstart training, energy and erotic nights. This is nature’s source of natural, bioavailable testosterone. We bring this powerful supplement with a handcrafted (in USA) Mjölnir with rune inscription as a special gift to celebrate our online opening. We have been studying the Northern traditions, culture, spirituality and herbalism for over 30 years. We bring respect and honor in our quality products, we want you to feel healthy and get to know us as good folk with high quality products and respect for the culture and the customers.