We present the Bear and Deer Cult Herbal Medicine pack to learn from our ancient ancestors and the shamanic animals that informed the earliest true religious cults of our ancestors. This listing is for three 2oz bottles of tinctures of all organic, non-gmo alcohol extracts of Nordic Pine Pollen, Artic Maral Root and Icelandic Rhodiola and now with 2 oz spagyric organic nettle root. This is a true Vikinger Powerhouse. We price it a package deal to extend this offer to those wanting to hit the next year with some momentum and health. Take on the New Year with a new outlook and check you health and train to what ever level you can meet and exceed. We owe it to ourselves and loved ones to get in shape and be healthy and use the best, natural herbs that our ancestors thrived using in the harshest climates. Modern research validates so many of the folk uses. This listing does not include the other items but they will be listed separate. We will be giving free Asatru patches while supplies last, either the helm of awe, a valknut or raven or mjonir. We want to present these at a low cost because we know you will feel healthier, stronger, with more energy and lust for life and become not just a customer but a kinsman and part of our medicine tribe and cultic and shamanic experiences of the animals of our native Northern Lands.

We have updated one of our earliest online products, a best seller and favorite of many athletes and warriors. We always like to give gifts and samples with orders because our world view is based on reciprocity and value for value. We gear these products to be the highest quality, small batch artisan level herbal spagyrics but also affordable to those really striving for self-improvement, elite health, and training. We are able to source these herbs in bulk through our guild and blood family relations in these regions. We obtain these wildcrafted herbs hand delivered in many cases. We then process according to the elite methods of the herbalists of Europe, the highest bio-available spagyrical methods of the Swiss German master Paracelsus and his disciples up to the modern day. These are understood to be the best herbs for preventative care and adaptogenic balance.

We have updated our supreme warrior pack with Nettle root extract, in a potent spagyric tincture that potentiates and syngerigizes with the rest of the herbs for maximum benefits. Here the quick but fleeting effects of many herbs are stabalized for adrenal and hormonal balance. Nettle roots is also indicated for helping seasonal allergies, ulcers and digestive issues as well as prostate and urinary tract health. It is also a folk remedy for rheumatism. It is not good to simply take the aphrodisiacs and stimulating energetic herbs because they can cause a crash, adrenal fatigue and worse. They have tested this temporary boost from plants such as ginseng which then can cause a worse loss of energy in the long run. Thus, we have formulated the ideal formula for training and recovery that keeps the balance. We advise our Noetic Medicine protocols to ritually and mindfully understand our spagyrics as forces and not substances. As science admits, cellular health is a matter of signal cohesion. Herbs have energetic signature that are interpreted by the body, provoking responses. Thus, only the body heals itself, so we never make medical claims. But spagyric herbs are the most potent herbal signatures and signal that can be sent to the bodies cellular level.

These are ancestral herbs processed in the most potent, bioavailable form, in a complimentary cluster medicine, similar to the entourage effect of other substances. Meaning these plants function as a guild, supporting and empowering the other herbs to effect the best therapy. We can trace this Indo-European bear cult, with its particular regalia of pointed hats, and herbs, throughout the ancient world. From the Beowolf, or bear wolf to the berserkers or bear skin warriors, this is the Way of Wotan and Odin, the ecstatic energetic and dynamic energy that is the way to true health and mastery. Our ancestors used many herbs that they learned of in their travels and deep remote arctic journeys. Like the bear, the winter is a time to hibernate, which for the bear means a deep rest. If we follow the cycles of the seasons we would be finishing harvest and preparing for harshest winters. These herbs would be carefully preserved, eaten and brewed into powerful, healing and potent meads and elixirs. They would watch the animals to notice which herbs they used to consume and watch their healing effects and energizing results. This is the psychological time for humans to repair and recover from the stress of the year and to meet the coming solar rebirth transformed and reborn. For this we give you the Nordic Pine Pollen which is boosting testosterone and energy levels, essential for the loss of sun light in the shorter months of autumn into winter and early spring. We study the ways of the swift deer in their diet to survive in thrive in the harshest climates and ward off infections and build firm muscles.

Then we add the Icelandic adaptogen that is the maximum stress reducer and energizer, aiding muscle recovery and formation as well as anxiety and giving a deep sleep: Arctic Rhodiola Root. Rhodiola is the essential secret of heavy duty training and all around stress relief, a sure fire addition to your work out arsenal and overcoming the negative feedback loops in the mind that dissipate your energy and momentum. Be strong for your tribe by controlling your mind and body and being ready and strong and prepare for honorable actions.

The third component of this pack is the Concentrated Artic Maral Root named for the Maral deer that eat its roots. This is the supreme herb for men’s health, a potent energizer and aphrodisiac and another essential herb for training and weightloss. Maral root contains a number of compounds thought to influence health, including several antioxidants and ecdysteroids (a type of natural steroid found to increase muscle mass in preliminary studies). This makes it the perfect winter supplement for recovery from the years battles and injuries. It is well known in Russia as a cardiac tonic nd nervine with liver protective qualities as well. These herbs work in harmony and synergy, and are the corner stone of effective protocols for strength, radiant health and adaptability to stress, aging and less than ideal conditions that rob of us the best lifestyles from sleep to proper diet.

Our lives are devoted to recovering the herbal lore of the Northern Tradition by studying with our ancestors in person and in their ancient texts. We strive to bring the purest wildcrafted and ethically harvested herbs for you and your tribe. We know that our traditions are encoded in our blood and our herbs and traditions, and we must reawaken to our traditions and step out of the cultural amnesia and identity crisis. We reinvest the profits into providing more products and donating to special causes like the wolf preserves or supporting old herbalists and gardeners or wildcrafters. All the proceeds of these funds will be going to preserving ancient rare deer and plant habitats, from these countries that are threatened by monoculture and modernization. We thanks for all those supporting us this year, and we will be coming out with a print publication named Lore and Craft exploring Northern folklore, herbalism and traditions. We thank you so much for your support.

We make no health or medical claims as per FDA regulations.