From our wildcrafters who bring us the Freya’s Woodland Resin blend, we have the sister incense in honor of the Goddess Frigga, the wife of Odin. This is truly esoteric, visionary blend of occult herbal, root, bark and exudate resins and essences sourced from oracular locals and sites of ancient pagan temples sacred to this Goddess in all her forms in the Indo-European and Hyperborean cults. We especially use this as a tribal incense on Fridays, the day sacred and named for Frigg (Frigg’s Day) and it is used for divination, protection and especially in gaining foreknowledge of events to those who can achieve the ancient seething trances and ecstatic visions. This is a potent incense for presencinig the goddess and co-mingling with her wild energy and nature. This is thought to be an occult love incense as well, as Frigg means beloved. This is an intoxicating blend of all wildcrafted ingredients blended into resins, vibrating with the ancient goddess traditions of using incense as protective magic, for healing and aphrodisiac purposes. The seidr cults used various plants and incenses to be transported from the rational mind, and allow the the otherworld to penetrate into their consciousness. Incenses are conduit to the otherworld, a aetheric communication speaking to the ancient tribal gods through correspondences of aromas. Frigga swore all the living things to swear to never harm Baldr but she forgot mistletoe. These are some of the ancient plants resins and herbs that swore allegiance to her foreseeing dangers and become plant allies, cleansing and purifying and communicating. They have thus become sacred to Her and assist in her role as a goddess of fertility, love, household management, marriage, motherhood, and domestic arts. This is a perfect incense to fumigate the house from negativity in the form of curses to odors, for setting the mood from rituals to tribal ceremonies. As Goddess of weaving Frigga was associated with weaving clouds and the threads of fate, known as Wyrd in the Nordic tradition. It is through the concentrated energy and mystical pressure that builds and seethes, that bubbles over and conducts that will and intention through the webs of wyrd. This is the magical incense that births the microcosmic clouds of smoke to spin one’s own threads and alter destiny and fate.