We can add any number of essential oils to our custom, proprietary organic blend of food-grade non-scented Trail oil, but why? That surely cuts down on its uses as potential oil for cooking, in the gun or knife, etc. We have used this to ease the chaff from wet and dry clothing, to the dried out skin from mountain winds, to untangle the beard and refresh the hair for a trip to the market or town. We use it to preserve the metal, wood, and leather on the trail, protect lips and skin and even it can be used for personal lubricant in other ways as well best left imagined and unsaid. Life is a battle against mold, rust, inflammation, oxidation, both on the metals, wood, and leather but also our skin. This is a topical ointment for many issues of the skin as well as your gear. Don’t hit the trail without it.

All made by our handpressed old-fashioned ways. We trade with the old timers who make it, and they will invest in some much needed supplies to keep the old ways going. In the spirit of the Foxfire books, we have sought out the remaining traditional artisans and craftsmen to propagate and preserve these teachings, that we may teach and likewise mature into taking the role as elders on the mountain, defiant and self-reliant to the end. Check out our new publications from Woodsrunner Traders as well as their new line of products. Thank you for your support.