Pure organic 2oz tin of wood butter, high grade organic walnut oil and organic beeswax.

Odin carved the first humans from trees, and woodcraft is the way of the forest folk. Really history can be divided into those that divorced from nature to live in cities, taking books over the natural order and imposing their will on the beautiful, bountiful earth. Part of presencing the old ways is to take up traditional crafts. We use this in all our spoons, cutting boards, mortars and pestles etc. as we do a lot of carving and want to protect the wood. Most of these wood butters use mineral spirits, but even food grade is pretty nasty and petrol based. We use pure organic walnut oil and our own beeswax from organic hives. The combination is perfect to hold its shape in the tin and yet melts in the body heat of fingers to spread on, penetrate and protect the wood. We feel it is the perfect ratio for most projects, not an overly waxy build up, but enough to protect. Great for finishing the runes with our ochre and madder set as well as kolrosing and other projects. We like to carry it in the pack where it can function as a lip balm, a balm for chaffing or blisters, etc. dry skin and its even edible if you get stuck out there. These are products we use ourselves teaching and preserving the old ways of our culture. We use the funds to invest in more quality products and ways to inspire those to learn some skills that are both ritual and psychologically healing. Or restore some old wood items and give them a back their lustre.